To start is more important than to succeed.

He started his journey with the hugely popular reality show ‘Fame Gurukul’ in the year 2005 after his mentor induced him to participate. He was hardly 18 and left his hometown for his pursuit of Music. The attempt was to join the competition as a messenger of Classical Music, as at that time many felt that classical music was slowly vanishing from the music industry. Unfortunately, due to low public votes, he got eliminated from the show and ended up at the 6th position.

Ray Of Hope, Followed By A Series Of Misfortunes: A well-acclaimed director recognized his talent and went over to contact him. The director appreciated him and said that whether he won or not, it didn’t matter. They made him sing the song for his upcoming movie, the song turned out to be a huge hit later on, but however during the film-making process, the script changed and the track sung was no more required, so it never got released. After this incident, the director lost contact with him and as a result, he went back home. Later a well-known person from Tips company recognized his potential and signed him for an album, but once again, contradictory to all his hopes and aspirations, the album didn’t release. Two such major failures would have shattered anyone, but he never gave up and lost hope and his passion for music.

His flair for singing again brought him back to Mumbai. He began staying on rent, set up his own rented studio and began composing music. This helped him improve his musical skills.

And then in 2013, an Indian romantic musical drama film changed his life. Yes, you guessed right I am talking about Arijit Singh. Started on his journey from absolutely nothing and came across plenty of odds, encountered difficulties all through, but didn’t ever give up. Life is not a bed of roses and the journey to success is always full of thorns and broken glasses, but that doesn’t mean that you will give up. All those who really want to be big in life should always get motivated by people like Arijit Singh.

The above story motivates us to start and it’s more Important to Start than to Succeed.  You may be uncertain, unprepared, and unqualified, but the late you start the behind you will be from the crowd.

I always decided in my mind that I would never be joining a GYM, but then one random day my friend asks me to visit a GYM with him, and suddenly offers to join. I was skeptical inside but then a thought ran into my mind that my decision would affect his as well.  And I decided to screw my decisions, just get on and do it to give him a push and get things started. It is true that sometimes planned things doesn’t work, decisions can be based on the necessity of time.

If you set your bar at “amazing,” it’s awfully difficult to start.

Seth Godin

We all start in the same place: no credits, no resources, no contacts, no experience and very less or say no knowledge. The difference is that some people are the winners and some think allot.

Most of the time we see successful people and try to be like them. We follow them and copy the things they do.  But relating your current situation to someone who is already successful can often make you feel like you lack the required resources to get started at all.  If you look at their life, you will be convinced that you need to buy new equipment or learn new skills or meet new people before you can even take the first step toward your goals.

To visualize this, I noticed a few examples:

Traveling to places: I love traveling allot and every time I travel, I see so many backpackers who have spent allot on: rainproof bags, moisture-wicking clothes, special shoes. Now I’m not saying that these are useless. Great equipment can make your life much easier on the road, but it’s not compulsory. You don’t need new shoes to start running and you don’t need a new backpack to start traveling. Those things might be important, but they are not needed in the beginning.

Eating healthy: Maybe the optimal diet would involve buying meat that is only grass-fed or vegetables that are only organic or some other super-healthy food strategy. As per by GYM diet, Ili requested my food provider for a special and restricted diet, but he conveyed that it won’t be possible for just one person to accommodate this.  As a result, I handle this on my own- started small and simply bought another vegetable, nutrition diet this week — whether it’s organic or not. There will be plenty of time for improvement later. You don’t need new cooking bowls to start eating healthy.

Starting a business: When you’re working somewhere or in a job, it’s so easy to get obsessed with optimal. One can easily get convinced with a fixed growth provided when working for someone. And people need workers who are obsessed with work. Well if you forget everything and get engaged with work, this can be a good habit but only if you are working for yourself and not for someone else.

The conclusion is an imperfect start can always be improved, but obsessing over a perfect plan will lead you to a wrong destination.

You don’t need a better notebook to become a good writer. You don’t need a better guitar to learn how to play. You don’t need a better camera to become a good photographer. You don’t need more experience to become a public speaker. And you don’t need to be in the office seat to get the task done.  It is as simple as that just get the work done.

You don’t need any of it.

What you do need is to make a decision, set a plan, and get things on started 🙂

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